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This course of study is for students who enjoy learning visually in a collaborative group setting or one on one.  A wide array of topics are covered; including: 3d animation, 3d printing, digital illustration, graphic arts, graphic design, desktop publishing, web development, multimedia processing, digital video production and movie making.


Junior Movie Making

Ages 7-9 and 10-12

Students will have fun choosing a movie idea, editing scripts, acting, and working behind the scenes to create a group movie. Topics covered will be recording and editing sound and image files.

Junior Animation

Ages 7-10

Students will experience wonders of digital media such as holograms and 3D effects, while learning the techniques and skills required to create their own animations. They will explore the types of animation, such as traditional animation, stop motion, and 3D animation.

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Digital Illustration (2D Vector Graphics)

Ages 8-12

 Using graphic design software similar to Adobe Photoshop, students will create and illustrate their own unique and colorful drawings. Using 2D Vector Graphics and graphic tablets, students will learn to use drawing tools other than with paper, crayons and markers.

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Movie Making/Film

Ages 10-14

 In addition to what is offered in Junior Movie Making for ages 8-12 such as; image editing, file importing, exporting and converting, sound design, recording and editing files. Students will learn advanced storyboarding, proper film techniques and special effects. Students will work with less assistance from the instructor to compile the final product.

Recommended prerequisite: Movie Making

Junior Broadcasting for Social Media

Ages 10-12

This course provides an overview of the types of social media platforms, and a guide on how to use one of the most powerful tools of the modern age. Especially at the beginning of the course and throughout, teachings will include internet safety strategies such as: keeping personal information private, handling security breaches, online conversations, and more.  Students will learn how to effectively communicate to an audience and accumulate followers. They will work with areas of broadcasting such as script writing and camera operation. An emphasis on the creative process and project creation will give students a glimpse into professional film-making. All content will be prerecorded and published as unlisted.

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Fashion Design/ Digital Illustration

Ages 9-12

This course teaches important digital illustration concepts through the medium of fashion. Students will get to personalize their projects while learning how to illustrate 2D vector graphics. Each student is invited to bring an article of clothing from home to be incorporated electronically, either literally or conceptually, into their fashion line. As students work towards creating their own unique portfolio, they will learn how to use the pen tool, draw with graphic tablets, and more!

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Digital Media Editing

Ages 12-14

Learn digital photography and photo editing basics. Take a photo of yourself and turn it into a superhero. Take a photo of the landscape and turn it into another planet. You’re limited only by your imagination! Using a combination of open source, commercial and custom designed tools and platforms, we will design, construct, communicate and interpret rich media messages.

Webpage Programming

Ages 12-17

Recommended: Digital Media Editing

Students will learn to implement thoughtful User Interface design, intuitive use of screen space, navigation and cross platform usability. Languages taught are: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This course will expand upon the skills gained in Digital Media Editing and introduce concepts on functional design.

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Fashion Design II (3D Print Your Own Jewelry)

Ages 10-14

Recommended: Fashion Design & 3D Engineer and Print

Learn to use a CAD to design and print 3D Jewelry created entirely by you. While learning about the 3D printing process itself, the mechanics, types of materials used, and types of printers available.


All Things Adobe

Ages 13-17

An introduction to the conceptualization, visualization and production of art and graphics.  The Adobe Suite is used by professional graphic designers in the field today, and is a great set of tools to know for the serious artist or just the art enthusiast.  Students will be introduced to the basic elements of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

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Broadcasting for Social Media

Ages 13-17

Social media is an effective, modern platform for marketing and advertising, as well as sharing creative content with a world-wide audience. This course provides an overview of the types of social media platforms, and strategies to use one of the most powerful tools of the modern age. Using the Adobe suite, professional and industry software, students will also gain technical videography experience. Students will learn how to capture an audience, increase followers and monetize on social media. In addition, a review of how to stay safe online is an essential component of the course.

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3D Animation

Ages 12-17

Students will learn how to create realistic, dynamic 3D animations through a professional interface. This course will teach students about materials, rendering, a rigid body interface, object manipulation, and much more! By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the principles of animation, as well as the technical skills to create in 3D!

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Adobe Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation

Ages 13-17

Use Adobe Photoshop to learn advanced photo editing techniques! Use cutting edge tools to adjust, modify, and manipulate your own images! Students will be learning photography skills such as camera settings, manual adjustment, and shot composition! Using images taken in class, students will learn several photo effects that will take their photography skills to the next level!

This course is best taken after the All Things Adobe course, and is for students interested in delving deeper into the realm of photo editing & manipulation, photography, and Adobe Photoshop.

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