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Starship Party Game

How it Works!

Great For Team Building and a Total Blast!

Work in teams to destroy enemy ships or battle each other’s ships! 

Every person is assigned a job on the Starship and is critical to your Team’s success!

Bring out your inner Geek by coming in character, showing us your best Spock impersonation or simply by enjoying the game. Yes, we have Vulcan ears for the guests. 


Starship Game Parties

$350 starting price
  • Parties are two hours long unless additional time is requested.
  • 4 price options to choose from based on the total number of attendees.
  • Additional 10% discount for parents of students taking courses or private lessons. Can not be combined with other offers.*
  • Recommended size of crew or single starship is 6.
  • Great for team building!
  • Each starship has their own gameplay room for their crew.
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Corporate Prices Number of
Member discount*
1 starship 2 to 6 $350 $315
2 starships 7 to 12 $450 $405
3 starships 13 to 18 $575 $518
4 starships 19 to 24 $650 $585

Want more information?

Contact us so we can assist you with the event details.

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The Starship Bridge is comprised of:


Science Officer




Weapons Officer

Teams must work together to operate their ship!

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