Frequently Asked Questions

For children that want to try us out or get a better understanding of what we do before committing to a course have a few options.  One great option is to book a tour to see the facility and to meet with the owner.  The students are not in session during site visits and time, attention and care can be taken to assess whether or not it’s a good fit.

If you are interested in exploring private lessons, another great option is our one-on-one, no commitment trial lesson. This way your child can get to know a tutor and some of the content that will be taught, and we can assess what subjects they connect with. The trial lesson is booked in a one hour session and there is no commitment to continue on. To schedule private lessons, call or text us at 480-331-7660.

Every Saturday we typically hold gaming and social hangouts from 6 pm-9 pm.  Children that have never attended may attend for free for the first time.  This is a great way to meet some of the children in courses.

Due to the fact that the students in courses are hard at work developing projects and deserve the tutor’s undivided attention, parents and prospective students are not allowed to view classes during instruction time.  The children who partake in our programs thoroughly enjoy the feeling that the club is “theirs”.  For this reason, parents are also not allowed to attend game and social hangouts with their child.

Ways you can get to know us are:

  • Take a tour of our facility and meet the Owner.
  • Speak to the Owner or Manager of the business over the phone, via email or in person if that is more convenient.
  • Take a workshop or camp, when offered.
  • Attend a game or social hangout on a Saturday night (usually the 1st Saturday of each month from 6 pm-9 pm)
  • Talk to other customers.  They have great things to say!

If you see a course that you are interested in, but the day and/or time doesn’t work with your schedule or it isn’t currently offered, please let us know.  Before we plan and finalize our session and camps, we like to ask our loyal customers what they would like offered.  With three or more students two years in age apart, we can often add a group course.  We may be able to accommodate you.  If you email us a request we can see what we can do.  If you have a few friends that want to take the course or camp with your child, that’s even better!

There are no refunds or make up classes for group courses, camps or events.  We ask that you do you best to attend each class and if you can’t, our courses are reasonably priced to account for occasionally absenteeism.  Private lessons; however, can be rescheduled with a 24-hour notice in writing, prior to the lesson start time.

You don’t have to wait to start a course if there is space available and the curriculum isn’t too far along to add a student.  If the course is too far along to add a new student, it is often possible to take private one on one lessons to catch up and join the group.  Sometime we utilize a wait list to open a new course.  Call 480-331-7660 if you are unsure about class availability and how to register.

We do teach special needs children. Low student ratios, high personal attention and multi-age classes facilitates in teaching different skill levels.  Waybright Academy has students enrolled that are: gifted, twice exceptional, ADHD and autistic (mild cases) that are integrated into the one hour weekly group classes. For children with moderate to severe disabilities, private or semi-private classes may be the best or only option. For camps or workshops that are longer than a one hour class, private or semi private classes are recommended. There are teachers on staff with early elementary/special education degrees with experience with special needs; however that may not always be the teacher on staff. On a personal note, the owners of Waybright Academy have children that are twice exceptional (including ADHD).

If your child has special needs, it is best to call us to discuss placement options. Email or call us.


In all of our classes our curriculum is “fluid”. This means that we adjust real time on what to work on and how long to work on it, depending on the students. Children are individually assessed before, during and after class through observations. We look for interest in the subject matter, skill level/ability, strengths and weaknesses and the character of each child when deciding what to work on and for how long. With this said; however, children are expected to work on the tasks given to them at the time given. Children work in groups of two or three and sometimes independently.

We rarely offer discounts on classes.  We do like to offer “early bird” or sibling discounts on camps or workshops.  The best way to reduce the cost of classes is to ask about our “scholarship program”.  It is not based on financial need and available to everyone.  If you qualify you can earn free classes and it costs you nothing to do. Visit us if you would like to learn more about the scholarship program.

Waybright Academy is dedicated to inspiring and educating young minds. For this reason, we do not teach over the age of 17 yrs. old. We allow adults and interns to volunteer assist in the classroom as part of a training program to become classroom teachers. A national criminal and social security background check is required before anyone can volunteer. Interested adults can contact us.

Parents and children are not allowed to sit in or watch a class for the same reason we don’t offer trial classes.  It is too disruptive to the students taking the class. The students in class are hard at work developing projects and expect the teacher’s undivided attention.  The children who come to Waybright Academy enjoy the feeling that the club is “theirs”.

Ways you can get to know us are:

  • Take a tour of our facility on off hours
  • Speak to the owner of the business over the phone, via email or in person
  • Take a workshop or camp (offered usually on school days off and summertime)
  • Attend a LAN hangout on a Saturday night (the 1st Saturday of each month from 6-9pm)
  • Talk to other customers.  They have great things to say!

Waybright Academy offers a scholarship program to everyone, independent of financial need, that for the majority of people is completely FREE to do!

By redirecting yours (or your friend’s and family’s) AZ State Private Tax donation (a dollar for dollar tax credit), Waybright will match your donation by 30% in the form of a student scholarship.

It is possible to take robotics and technology classes with us, and never pay anything!Email us for more information.

When registering for the first time, you register and pay by credit card online. After that payments are collected through an autopay form. Withdrawals are automatically taken the first of the month each month during the session. Workshops, camps or hangouts are charged at the time of registration.

For new customers, the best way to register for a class or an event is to register on the website. We can also take a new registration over the phone at 480-331-7660.  If you don’t see a day/time that works for you, please let us know!  We add new classes often.  Once you have taken classes with us before, you simply tell us what classes you want via email or in person and we handle new and continued enrollment.

Sometimes classes are listed in our printed guide and we change days, times or class types based on teacher availability and customer requests.  The best way to see what is running and when, is to email or call us 480-331-7660.  Some classes can have a waitlist and some classes can be added, if we know what you are looking for and your availability.

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