Program Cost and Schedule


Program Cost and Schedule

  • Student Name

    Chento Marron
  • The cost of the program is Commitment Fee: $1,500.00
    Tuition: $35,000.00
    TOTAL: $36,500.00
  • Method of Payment

  • Tuition is payable by money order or credit card (Master, Visa or Discover. Sorry no Amex). Per Waybright Academy Policy, we are not permitted to accept cash for tuition payments. A minimum payment [10% of full tuition minus any discounts] is due the first of each month beginning in August, regardless of any subsidized tuition received from outside organizations. Credits are applied only once they are actually received and will reduce the amount due at the end of the semester. Accounts not paid current by the 15th of each month, will be assessed a $50 late fee. Unpaid or past due tuition may jeopardize the student’s enrollment status with the Academy.
  • Payment Schedule

    Select one of the three payment options for the year.
  • August 1st $35,000.00
  • August 1st $17,500.00
    January 1st $17,500.00
  • August 1st $3,500.00
    September 1st $3,500.00
    October 1st $3,500.00
    November 1st $3,500.00
    December 1st $3,500.00
    January 1st $3,500.00
    February 1st $3,500.00
    March 1st $3,500.00
    April 1st $3,500.00
    May 1st $3,500.00

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